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IATA supports Solar Impulse

IATA is proud to be an Institutional Partner of Solar Impulse – the solar airplane that will fly around the world with no fuel and zero emissions.

Solar Impulse and IATA’s shared vision look towards a zero carbon emission future for air travel. Solar power alone will not be the answer to the environment question. But IATA believes that the innovation and pioneering spirit of Solar Impulse will drive the aviation industry forward.

First carbon-free flight pushes back boundaries of possibility

IATA applauds the historic success of the Solar Impulse team on their extraordinary 26-hour overnight flight entirely powered by solar energy on 7/8 July 2010.

IATA's concrete contribution to Solar Impulse

IATA’s support to Solar Impulse includes assistance in obtaining air traffic control clearance.

Press release: IATA joins forces with Solar Impulse
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