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Technology Aircraft Upgrades

IATA believes the most significant aircraft efficiency gains will come from the following:

  • New engine architectures (open rotor, geared turbofan and counter-rotating fan)
  • Natural and hybrid laminar flow

These technology aircraft upgrades are expected to appear in new aircraft types by 2020.

Other small technological improvements include winglets and reduced-weight components, which can be implemented into current aircraft or even retrofitted.

Another type of technological enhancement that can improve operational efficiency is Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) technologies and systems that enable the implementation of globally harmonised Air Traffic Management (ATM).

Technology Roadmap

The IATA Technology Roadmap provides a summary and assessment of technological opportunities for future aircraft. The Roadmap explores future technologies that will reduce, neutralise and eventually eliminate the carbon footprint of aviation.

In fact, some of these technologies can also be used for retrofits to the existing fleet. However, the Roadmap aims to primarily identify the potential of new, uncertified (as yet) technologies.

The Roadmap is a great tool for airlines since it provides airlines with updated technological knowledge for future fleet planning.

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