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IATA InBag addresses fundamental issues that cause mishandling, whilst improving the efficiency of baggage processes for the 99% of bags that are correctly handled. The program also aims to modernize global baggage infrastructure to facilitate the introduction of new baggage services and products, further saving costs and improving the customer experience. Whereas BIP has a more focused approach by airport, the InBag program focuses on generic problems discovered during BIP that need to be addressed by the entire industry. 

Close cooperation with SITA

The SITA Baggage Report stands as industry benchmark for measuring baggage mishandling evolutions every year.

IATA and SITA have developed an online repository, the WorldTracer Distribution Network (WTDN), to simplify the distribution of SITA WorldTracer documentation and manuals. WTDN allows SITA WorldTracer users quick and easy access to latest baggage related documentation. For more information visit www.wtdn.aero

Case Studies

In order to better illustrate the activities of IATA Baggage Services, you can consult one of our Baggage Improvement Program Case Studies, undertaken with the cooperation of our member airlines.

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