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Ground Operations


​​Ground handling is an integral part of airline operations. IATA strives to lead the industry towards improved safety and operational  efficiency in ground handling by setting standards, initiating and encouraging the implementation of global solutions.

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Integrated Solutions for Ground Operations

Ground operations damage costs the industry billions of dollars every year. To combat this, the following initiatives ​have been developed as an integrated solution for ground operations​​ (pdf) tailored ​to​ risk management within our industry:​

​IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHC)

The IATA Ground Handling​ Conference​ is the industry ​premier event bringing together each link of the entire Ground Handling Value Chain to shape the Ground Handling environment for the future. This event offers unique opportunity to connect, communicate and collaborate with Airlines, Ground Service Providers, Airport Authorities and Suppliers and offers various business and networking opportunities.

31th IGHC:  22 - 25 April 2018 in Doha 

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