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Industry Data Model


Successful implementation of any business strategy requires understanding of the information and the processes which underlie running of the business.

When two or more parties need to exchange data, such understanding has to be shared. This is why the use of common reference points such as industry data exchange standards, is integral to running any successful business.


 The Industry Data Model project aims to complement the current set-up with a living model with a defined structure and behavior. Requirements for future messaging standards will be translated into model elements, and messaging standards, such as messages schemas or web services definitions, will be generated automatically from the same model.

The single shared industry data model will speed up the development and maintenance of data exchange standards and improve the general level of interoperability among industry systems. In addition to using the messaging standards generated from the model, industry users will be able to use the model itself as a common reference point to develop new standards or bilateral data exchanges.


The objective is to build the data model infrastructure and populate it with key industry objects so that all projects requiring new data exchange standards after September 2014 can use the new data model-based approach to developing standards.


A dedicated Data Model & Tooling Focus Group, consisting of airlines, IT providers and other industry stakeholders, is meeting bi-weekly to progress the project. The group operates as part of PADIS.

Airlines and industry IT providers - and particularly those with experience in enterprise architecture approach - are invited to contribute their knowledge and experiences. Please contact PADIS Secretary for more information.


The StB Steering Group recommended IATA to seek established airline data models to use as reference data to kick-start the population of the model and build a quality base for its sub-sequent extension. Call for contributions (pdf) is open to any party interested party.



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