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Cabin Safety

Cabin safety deals with all activities that cabin crew must accomplish to maintain safety in the cabin. These activities contribute to safe, effective, and efficient aircraft operations in normal, abnormal and emergency situations. Cabin crew play an important role in preventing serious incidents and accidents. It is for this reason that lATA focuses on cabin safety, and continues to develop standards, procedures and best practices to ensure safety in all aspects of cabin operations.

Cabin safety is a critical component of an airline’s safety management program which includes proactive data collection and the ensuing prevention activities regarding cabin design and operation, equipment, procedures, crew training, human performance, passenger management.


Reducing cabin safety related events

IATA seeks to offer operational solutions for airlines in order to promote the reduction of incidents or accidents in the cabin, thus resulting in enhanced operational safety and/or significant cost savings for airlines.

IATA is committed to updating these guidelines to provide airlines with the necessary and up to date information to address emerging risks and share best practices; however, these guidelines are not intended to replace or to contradict any applicable State regulations.

We thank those experts who provide their time and expertise through inputs and contributions to the creation of these documents, particularly the industry specialists from the IATA Cabin Operations Safety Task Force (COSTF), airline experts and government bodies.



Safety, our number one priority


Cabin Operations Safety Best Practices Guide (Edition 2)

The second edition of the IATA Cabin Operations Safety Best Practices Guide (pdf) helps manage the cabin operations safety demands of today and tomorrow. This guidance includes chapters that address various policies and procedures for Cabin Crew in normal, abnormal and emergency situations. They are meant to assist airlines to implement integrated, proactive, effective and efficient, cabin operations safety policies and procedures.

Cabin Safety Guidelines (pdf)

  • New! Three-Point Restraint Systems, 1st Edition: English
  • Turbulence Management, 2nd Edition: English
  • Inadvertent Slide Deployment Prevention, 2nd Edition: English
  • Unruly Passenger Prevention and Management, 2nd Edition: English
  • Electronic Cigarettes, 2nd Edition: English
  • Safe Service of Alcohol on Board, 1st Edition: English
  • Managing Medical Events, 1st Edition: English
  • Safety of Infants and Children on Board, 1st Edition: English

Cabin Operations Safety Task Force (COSTF)

The IATA Cabin Operations Safety Task Force (COSTF) reviews all aspects of cabin operations to improve safety and operational efficiency. Members of the COSTF are representatives from IATA Member airlines who are experts in:

  • Cabin Safety
  • Cabin Crew Training
  • Accident and/or Incident Investigation
  • Human Factors
  • Quality Assurance

For further information or to comment on any of the guidance material, please contact Cabin Safety


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