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Enhanced IOSA

The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program has laid a solid foundation for improved operational safety and security, eliminating redundant industry audits. But since its creation in 2003, audit protocols have remained largely unchanged. It is now time to bring even more efficiency to the evaluation of operational safety and security practices, adding value to the IOSA experience for airlines. This is what enhanced IOSA is about.

Bringing IOSA to the next level

Enhanced IOSA is designed to ensure the following benefits:

  • Continuity: operators will maintain continuing conformity with all IOSA standards throughout the registration period by conducting ongoing audits as an integral part of their internal quality assurance program. Operators will not only continue to be audited by accredited Audit Organizations (AO), but will have the responsibility for conducting ongoing audits against IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs) under their internal quality assurance program.
  • Implementation: the 24-month on-site renewal audit conducted by AOs will focus on ensuring the IOSA standards are implemented by operators.
  • Reliability: operators will demonstrate the reliability and integrity of their internal quality assurance system, to include appropriately trained and qualified auditors. This will be achieved by conducting ongoing internal audits against ISARPs and producing a detailed Conformance Report.
  • Standardization: the implementation of published auditor action steps tailored for each ISARP

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