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IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO)

​​​​​​​​​​​​ISAGO has been built upon a 'backbone' of audit standards applicable to all ground handling companies worldwide, coupled with a uniform set of standards relevant for the specific activities of any ground handler.

As a result, the ISAGO audit can be applied consistently to multinational ground handlers, as well as to smaller
companies providing services at a single station.


Benefits Strategy Airlines Providers Authorities Documents

Safer ground operations

  1. Reduction of risk in ground operations
  2. Less damages and incidents
  3. Fewer injuries to personnel
  4. Safer ground operations
  5. Better understanding of high-risk areas
  6. Support to implementation of Safety Management System by the providers​


Audit efficiency and global harmonization

  1. Safety audit program under stewardship of IATA
  2. Elimination of audit redundancy, reducing costs and audit resource requirements 
  3. Standardization of ground operations requirements and industry best practices
  4. Structured audit methodology, standardized checklists aiming for continuous improvement
  5. Harmonized auditors’ training leading towards consistency in auditing
  6. Award Program for Ground Service Providers​

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