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ISAGO New Operational Audit Model

The effectiveness of the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations​ (ISAGO) to improve ground operational safety and eliminate redundant industry audits has been reviewed since its introduction in 2008. 
Several major improvements to the audit program, enhancing the scope and value of the audit result, are in development. Roll-out of the changes will take place in the coming months, culminating in a scheduled transition to the new ISAGO model by the end of 2017.

See Alexandre de Juniac's post about the success of the ISAGO Program.
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Use the form below to submit an application for an ISAGO audit for either:

  • An initial headquarters and station audit(s) of your organization for ISAGO Registration and station accreditation(s), or
  • An initial station audit for a new station accreditation to your existing ISAGO Registration

You do not need to use this form for a routine renewal headquarters or station audit. These audits will be included automatically in the audit schedule for the appropriate year unless you advise IATA that you no longer wish to continue the registration or the accreditation of a station, in which case you should notify IATA by email at isago@iata.org.

Upon submission of an audit application IATA will send you an audit agreement and a GSP Organization Exposition for you to complete. Further details are outlined in the ISAGO Program Manual (GOPM).

Audit Application Form

GSP Legal Registered Name *
Details of Holding Company Corporation or subsidiary (if any) *
Trade Name and/or also known as (if any) *
Registered Headquarters full address *
ISAGO Point of Contact  *
Full Name *
Email Address *
Telephone Number *
Generic Email address for all ISAGO correspondence *
Location of Headquarters (City, Country) *
Station(s) to be accredited (IATA code) *
Preferred date (month) of headquarters audit *
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