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ISAGO for Providers

Schedule an ISAGO Audit

The ISAGO 2014 Audit Allocation Schedule is currently being finalized and the results will be communicated to the Ground Service Providers by mid November 2014.

Schedule an ISAGO Audit

If you want your ground handling company to schedule, undergo and successfully complete an ISAGO audit, then complete the following steps:

  • Download the ISAGO Standards Manual (pdf)
  • Familiarize the Corporate Managers with the Organization and Management (ORM-H) standards
  • Familiarize the Operations Personnel with the standards (i.e., Organization and Management (ORM-S), Load Control (LOD), Passenger and Bagagge Handling (PAB), Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM) and others)
  • Register for the ISAGO extranet page and complete the online ISAGO Audit Request form

Audit Requests for a particular year, must be registered by the GSP at the latest by September 30th of the preceding year. IATA then processes all requests in the month of October and finalizes next year’s audit schedule during November each year.

The complete process is detailed in the GSPs – Frequently Asked Questions. (pdf)

Participate in an ISAGO workshop

The objective of this workshop is to :

  • Explain the documentation structure required to be able to conform to ISAGO standards
  • Familiarize the Provider with the Program standards, the follow-up process and the Q5AIMS audit software
  • Prepare the Ground Service Provider  for a smooth ISAGO audit

This is a four (4) day workshop which includes one (1) day hands-on training.

 If you want to schedule a workshop at your location, please contact


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