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Security Management Systems (SeMS)

A Security Management System (SeMS) sets out an organization’s security policies as an integral part of its business processes. It is thus a part of the corporate management responsibility. SeMS is based on the same concepts used for Safety Management System (SMS).

Developed in conjunction with an efficient threat assessment mechanism and risk management program, SeMS helps organizations develop  proactive, efficient and cost effective security measures.

SeMS provides an organization-wide approach to security through the development of a security culture as well as a system-wide security model encouraging and dependent on close co-operation between all stakeholders and regulators.

SeMS is an IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) requirement since 1 March 2007.

SeMS Documents

IATA members, please visit the Security private site to access more SeMS documentation. 

"SeMS is a standardized approach for implementing the security processes outlined in our air carrier security program,  SeMS's business like approach is helping us integrate security into the culture and guiding principles of our corporation."
Rich Davis, Managing Director Corporate Security,
United Airlines

"In times of steadily rising real security threats and legal security restraints, SeMS will help in making security processes more effective, proactive and far reaching by promoting a business-like approach to security."
Peter Andres, Vice President, Corporate Security,
Lufthansa German Airlines


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