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Airline Economic Task Force (AETF)

In a fast-moving and highly competitive environment, airlines need to ensure profitability. Monitoring costs in all areas of operations, furthering understanding of cost drivers and identifying cost reduction potentials have become key issues for airlines.

The Airline Economic Task Force (AETF) is a group of airline cost experts working on matters concerning detailed airline operational costs. The main task of the AETF is to help airlines identify costs reduction opportunities by collecting operational cost data, benchmarking using this data and providing a detailed analysis to allow airlines to improve their efficiency and react to changes in the air transport environment.

Day to day oversight of the AETF is carried out by a number of airline representatives in conjunction with the Safety, Operations and Infrastructure (SO&I) department of IATA.

Membership to the AETF and its Operational Cost Analysis and Reporting programme (OCAR) is open to all airlines. By joining, airlines will have access free of charge to the annual benchmark report. This report is a key source of annual performance consolidated data collected through a controlled and consistent procedure which allows powerful benchmarking capabilities:

  • Monitor progress on cost reductions and process improvements
  • Compare costs and cycle times within a single airline and between airlines
  • Identify trends and mitigate upward cost pressures
  • Devote resources to reduce operational costs

For more information, please contact the AETF Team at:


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