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Airmail Panel (AMP)

The Air Mail Panel (AMP) is responsible for all matters dealing with the movement of mail by air, with the exception of issues related to airmail rates and charges. AMP works closely with international organizations such as the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the International Post Corporation (IPC). Some members of the AMP are also members of the IATA-UPU Contact Committee, which works under the umbrella of the IATA-UPU Memorandum of Understanding.

AMP develops and maintains standards, guidelines and procedures related to the carriage of air mail:

  • It promotes the use of electronic data interchange (EDI) in the air mail business
  • It provides guidelines for the use of the Postal Air Waybill number
  • It clarifies safety requirements, especially referring to Lithium Batteries in air mail
  • It clarify security and customs requirements, such as the provision of advance electronic information (AEI)

The standards and procedures developed by the AMP are included as recommendations in the IATA’s Airport Handling Manual.

Meeting schedule

The AMP normally meets once a year in March


The AMP consists of up to 12 Members appointed by the Cargo Services Conference (CSC), each being an expert in the airmail field. The current AMP Chairman is Mark Gilbert (American Airlines).


Secretary: To be appointed


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