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Airline Cost Management Group (ACMG)

The Airline Cost Management Group (ACMG), formerly known as the Airline Operational Cost Task Force (AOCTF), aims to develop an airline community focused on operational cost understanding and definitions, financial analysis, and benchmark information. In the future, the ACMG will use the industry information to develop and recommend cost management measures. 


  • Support industry efforts to better undertake and manage commercial airline operational costs
  • Build a unique global airline operational cost database based on an annual data collection
  • Provide ACMG Members with an annual report analyzing major cost drivers and identifying industry trends for major operational cost areas, including flight, technical and ground operations
  • Increase the number of participating airlines to ensure greater data diversity, as well as supporting more accurate and representative benchmark information
  • Collaborate with members to define and implement operational cost management strategies
  • Refine and standardize definitions and mothods from a management accounting perspective
  • Share best practices for effective cost management
  • Develop a Steering Committee to run the task force, with up to 12 airline representatives

 Sign up to become a Steering Committee Member (pdf) or contact 


  • Membership to the ACMG is open to all airlines, including cargo, charter and low cost carriers

Benefits for the airlines

  • ACMG is a unique opportunity for the airlines to exchange cost related industry experience, relevant trend information, new developments, and best practices, as well as an opportunity to network with their cost management counterparts in all airline operations areas
  • Participants will receive the ACMG report highlighting industry trends, providing benchmark cost information, and enabling airlines to compare their performances with the industry and peer group airlines
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of all the data is guaranteed. All the data submitted to IATA is de-identified or published as aggregated information

Get more information about ACMG (pdf).


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