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Cargo Data Interchange Task Force (CDITF)

The objectives of the CDITF include:

  • Maintaining the technical content and structure of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) message standards
  • Reviewing and agreeing technical details of proposals to amend the Cargo-IMP and Cargo-FACT EDI message standards
  • Submitting to the United Nations changes to the Cargo-FACT messages that may impact the UN/EDIFACT standard

Standards developed by the CDITF are published in the Cargo IMP Manual and Cargo-FACT Manual.


Face-to-face meetings are held only when absolutely necessary. Tasks are completed using electronic means and/or conference calls as much as possible.


The CDITF consists of up to 12 members, nominated by the Cargo Services Conference (CSC) and appointed by the Cargo Business Processes Panel (CBPP), each being an expert in cargo EDI messaging.



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