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Fatigue Management Task Force (FMTF)

The Fatigue Management Task Force (FMTF) provides expertise and guidance to IATA as it drives to meet the Industry’s needs in the context of fatigue management, through the identification of issues and solutions, and providing input as required.


  • Promote and support an harmonized implementation of Fatigue Risk Management Systems
  • Develop new guidance materials and tools as knowledge and implementation of FRMS evolve
  • Contribute to shaping the regulatory framework for managing fatigue risks
  • Provide a forum for the communication and exchange of global fatigue management activities and best practices

Composition and Meetings

The FMTF is open to IATA member airlines, strategic partners, non-IATA airlines and industry stakeholders but only IATA member airlines are entitled to vote on decisions taken by the Task Force. The Task Force meets on a bi-annual basis and communicates via conference call at least 4 times per year.

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Please contact us at frms@iata.org

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