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Financial Committee

The Financial Committee shall act as advisor to the Board of Governors, the Director General, and other relevant IATA bodies on all industry financial matters connected with international air transport. The Financial Committee shall advise IATA management on development of industry positions, IATA priorities, strategy, objectives, and policy implementation for industry financial matters, and promote campaigning, particularly in the following areas:

  • Industry Financial Strategy: Industry challenges and trends impacting the airline financial community
  • Financial risk management for Financial settlement services including IATA Settlement Systems (ISS), IATA Clearing House, Treasury and IATA Currency Clearance Service.
  • Revenue accounting procedures
  • Cost Management including Productivity enhancements, User Charges, Fuel Trade and KPI measures
  • Treasury and Cash Management including Credit Card and alternate ePayment Management.
  • Standards, Systems, and Procedures including Accounting standard guidelines, financial systems, and innovations
  • Aircraft financing
  • Taxation and Insurance

If you have any questions concerning the work of the Financial Committee, please contact IATA Financial.


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