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Fraud Prevention Working Group (FPWG)

It is important for airlines to realise that internal and external fraud, more so than other crime, is a serious cost to the industry. It is also important that airlines address these issues through awareness and cooperation with the Fraud Prevention Working Group (FPWG).

The FPWG oversees industry fraud prevention activities and focuses on sources of revenue losses such as credit card and frequent flyer fraud. The group's activities may encompass any area where airline revenue is at threat.

Composition of the fraud prevention working group

The workgroup mission is to protect airlines and passengers against fraudulent activities that result in revenue losses and customer inconvenience.

Non-airline partners, such as credit card companies and law enforcement agencies, may participate as observers providing such entities have a direct commitment to the prevention of fraud.

Private site

The private site is available for airline fraud prevention/revenue protection representatives.

For any queries regarding the development of revenue protection and fraud prevention activities, please do not hesitate to  contact us


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