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Fuel Data Standards Work Group


Adoption of Industry data standards makes the application of technology more affordable, easier and faster to deploy, more accurate and more effective.

This is particularly relevant in the area of electronic invoicing and provision of supporting details.  Invoice standards deliver substantial benefits to both the Buyer and Supplier of services.  These include:

  • Improved data quality and accuracy
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Reduced number of disputes and queries
  • Improved timely invoice settlement and cash management
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced cost of AP/AR function
  • Reduced numbers of IT adaptors needed for the exchange of e-data with business partners

The Aviation Fuel Data Standards Group develops and maintains industry data standards for the efficient and effective data exchange across the aviation fuel industry.

In addition to standards the Group maintains commonly associated terms, definitions and codes as required to fulfill message requirements.

Examples of the Group's work include the XML Fuel Invoice Standard and the XML Fuel Transaction Standard. These standards are available to interested parties upon request.

The Group comprises Airline, Fuel Supplier and Into-Plane Service Provider representatives in charge of maintaining the Fuel Data Standards. You can find here the group's  Terms of Reference  (pdf) and list of  current members (pdf).  Other interested parties may also participate in the Group's activities upon request on a case by case basis.

To join the Group, participate in upcoming meetings or seek additional information regarding the Group, please contact: Invoicestandards@iata.org.

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