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IATA/FIATA Consultative Council (IFCC)

The IFCC was constituted to initiate, consider and make recommendations to the Cargo Agency Conference (CAC) and the Cargo Services Conferences (CSC) on issues affecting the carrier/agent relationship.


The IFCC shall review all proposals, including those submitted by mail vote, made to the CAC to introduce new, or to amend existing, provisions of the Cargo Agency Rules.

The IFCCs actions are expressed as recommendations. The Cargo Procedures Conferences are under no obligation to act in accordance with such recommendations and should the Conference disagree with the IFCC recommendations, further consultation with the IFCC maybe sought before final action is taken.


The IFCC is composed of six IATA Members (three representatives from the CAC and three representatives from the CSC), and six FIATA Members. IATA Members shall be appointed by the respective Cargo Procedures Conferences for a two-year term and shall be elected from persons of highest competence and experience occupying positions dealing with matters affecting the carrier/agent relationship.


The IFCC usually has at least one meeting per year. 


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