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IATA/FIATA Customs Working Group (IFCWG)

The role of the IATA/FIATA Customs Working Group (IFCWG) is to identify and understand customs requirements that concern carriers and forwarders and that affect the carrier/forwarder relationship.  The IFCWG provides procedural & operational responses to changes in customs provisions on behalf of the air cargo industry. Identifying necessary changes in IATA procedures and/or standards to comply with legislated requirements and promoting their implementation are IFCWG's activities.

Initiatives Underway

Interfacing with the European Commission concerning the 1 July 2009 implementation of Phase 2 of the Export Control System to ensure that there is clarification with regard to:

  • Carrier's role & responsibilities
  • Forwarder's role & responsibilities
  • Exporter's role & responsibilities

Future Plans

  • Establish a cooperative working relationship with the recently formed Customs Advisory Group which includes airlines and regional airline associations with a view to a coordinated global approach;
  • Promotion of EDI standards and harmonized data sets to facilitate Customs reporting for both airlines and forwarders.


Face-to-face meetings are held only when absolutely necessary. Tasks are completed using electronic means and/or conference calls as much as possible.


The IFCWG consists of 12 voting members, 6  appointed by IATA members, and the other 6 appointed by FIATA.

The Joint Chairmen of the group are Mr. Jean Dunaux (IATA) and Mr. Olivier Layec (FIATA).

IATA-FIATA Advance Cargo Reporting Recommendation

IATA and FIATA have agreed on a joint recommendation (pdf) concerning the provision of advance cargo information to the authorities for risk assessment purposes. The groundwork for the recommendation was laid down by the IATA-FIATA Customs Working Group (IFCWG) in close cooperation with the IATA Customs Advisory Group (CUSAG).

IATA and FIATA understand that this recommendation may have to be to be modified whenever it is necessary and it cannot be circulated indiscriminately without the knowledge and approval of the other association.


  • Secretary
    Bill Acheson
    Manager, Cargo Business Process & Standards, IATA 

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