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IOSA Oversight Council (IOC)

The IOSA Oversight Council (IOC) is an entity within the IATA governance that shall act as advisor to the Operations Committee (OPC), lATA management and other relevant lATA bodies on all matters that relate to the IOSA program. It provides recommendations on how to implement those measures in a rational, coordinated and cost-effective structure. 

Areas of activity include:

    • Ongoing development of the IOSA documentation system, that includes the Standards Manual and Program Manual
    • Issues that have an impact to the integrity of IOSA, including quality assurance and external industry factors
    • Audit Organization and Endorsed Training Organization reporting
    • Regulatory authority policies associated with the program
    • Policy recommendations to improve IOSA and aviation safety

The IOC is comprised of representatives from fifteen Member Airlines.  Regulatory Authorities are always welcome to participate as observers. The IOC reports to the OPC, which in turn, reports to the Board of Governors of IATA.


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  • Flight-Dispatch (FLT-DSP) Task Force
  • Integrated Ground Operations Task Force (IGOTF) 
  • ORG Task Force (ORGTF)
  • Security (SeMS) Task Force
For more information, please contact the IOSA Program Office at:

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