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Interline Prorate Advisory Committee (IPAC)

The IPAC is elected by the General Prorate Meeting (GPM).

The IPAC is comprised of two sub committees: IPAC Passenger and IPAC Cargo. These committees work with the Prorate Agent on technical and administrative matters relating to interline revenue proration.

The committees oversee working groups that have been established to advise and make recommendations on the editorial content of the Prorate publications, and improvements to the proration process. Membership in the IPAC is open to IATA and non-IATA airlines that are signatory to the Prorate Agency Agreement.

  • IPAC Passenger is comprised of ten members:
      • Three airline revenue accounting representatives
      • Six commercial representatives 
      • One member of the Revenue Accounting Working Group.
  • IPAC Cargo is comprised of six members:
    • Two airline revenue accounting representatives
    • Three commercial representatives
    • One member of the Revenue Accounting Working Group.

The airlines concerned must also be signatory to the multilateral prorate agreements which correspond to their category of committee membership.

For more information, please contact: prorate@iata.org



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