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Regional Coordinating Group - Latin America and Caribbean

IATA's regional Safety, Operations & Infrastructure activities for Latin America & the Caribbean is based in Miami and supports member airlines interests in relation with safety, security & facilitation, operations and  airport infrastructure. 

  • Safety: support airlines in improving operational safety and promote operational safety initiatives in the South Atlantic and Europe Corridor including the Caribbean and South American region. 
  • Security & facilitation: ensure that airport security and facilitation procedures are operationally effective.
  • Operations:  promote fuel savings and ensure that national regulations for foreign operators are compliant with ICAO standards.
  • Airport & Air navigation infrastructure:  Work with all concerned parties to improve airline operations, implement route-saving initiatives and air traffic management enhancements as well as promote system-wide adoption of Performance Based Navigation (PBN).  

Private site

A private site is available for airlines part of the working group



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