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Maintenance Cost Task Force (MCTF)

IATA's Maintenance Cost Task Force (MCTF) started in 1959 as Production Performance Measurement Working Group (PPMWG). It is the only airline volunteer group that gathers and analyzes maintenance cost.


MCTF's mission is to be the focal point on commercial airline Maintenance Costs, including MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) cost strategies.


The MCTF is run by its Steering Committee (SC) made up of airlines, IATA, and OEMs' representatives; up to 12 airlines can have seats on the Steering Committee. The SC meets twice a year; holds quarterly conference calls; and organizes the agenda for the annual Maintenance Cost Conference (MCC).

The MCC is MCTF's annual event. The conference is usually held over two days in Fall, in a different location and with a different theme every year. Industry experts give presentations and participate in panel discussions with the MCC delegates.

MCTF has developed unique maintenance cost data collection, analysis and reporting toolsets. More than 45 airlines (representing about a quarter of the world’s fleet and MRO spend) already take part in this activity.

Participating airlines receive exclusive IATA Maintenance Cost Reports with benchmark data, key performance indicators and 5-year trend analysis. Confidentiality is a major concern: reported data is de-identified and/or aggregated. The goal is to have as many airlines as possible to participate and provide quality data and information in a standardized manner.

The task force also initiates industry surveys (e.g. aircraft depreciation and maintenance cost capitalization, paperless supply chain, MEL) and projects (e.g. maintenance agreement standardization, aircraft leasing and maintenance reserves) for the benefit of the airline community.


Membership to the MCTF is open to all airlines. Participants in the IATAs Strategic Partnership Program can also attend the functions of the group upon request and approval from the Steering Committee.

IATA Master Airframe Maintenance Agreement (AMA)

In an effort to make maintenance agreements more efficient, the Master AMA is available for industry use.

Following the best practices in aircraft operations and industry templates, the Master AMA has been developed to facilitate negotiations for heavy maintenance events, such as C-checks, D-checks, structural checks and other types of airframe maintenance

Access the Master Airframe Maintenance Agreement (pdf).

The Parties of this Agreement can:

  • Customize the commercial and technical details using the Part II of Annex 1 - Airframe Maintenance Agreement and other Annexes
  • Modify, add, remove, validate or invalidate the Articles of this Agreement using the Part III of Annex 1 - Airframe Maintenance Agreement

To facilitate this process, the Microsoft Word version of annexes can be downloaded from  Annexes to Master Airframe Maintenance Agreement (doc).


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