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Regional Coordinating Group - Middle East and North Africa

IATA carries out many activities to support its Member airlines in terms of safety and airport infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa. These activities are as diverse as flight operations, engineering & maintenance, air traffic management, airport development, environmental issues and facilitation.

The regional office works closely with the ICAO Middle East Office in Cairo and maintains working relationships with the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) and Arab Civil Aviation Commission (ACAC).


IATA's priorities in terms of safety and security in the region are:

  • The development and promotion of policies and practices to ensure safe and effective operation of aircraft
  • The promotion of IATA safety activities and initiatives
  • The improvement of ATS Route network
  • Attending to Airlines Operational Requests for the benefit of the region as a whole.

Private site

A private site providing information on current issues and development is available for the aviation professionals involved in the IATA working groups and task forces in the region.

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