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Ground Support Equipment and Environmental Management (GSEE)

The GSEE reports to the Ground Handling Council (GHC). It is a multidisciplinary Task Force comprising technical experts from ground service providers, airlines, ground support equipment (GSE) manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers.

Scope of Work

This task force  focuses on the technical, functional and safety aspects of GSE as well as the impact GSE has on the environment.  The task force continually reviews and develops the policies, strategies and guidelines as published in the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM) in the following areas:

  • Technical standards and specifications for all types of GSE
  • The interfaces between aircraft and GSE
  • Aircraft and GSE design modification to address ground operations needs
  • Environmental guidelines for ramp operations


The GSEE meets twice per year, including a joint meeting with SAE AGE 2C. Membership is open to all IGHC members (IATA members, non-IATA airlines, Ground Service Providers and Airports) and IATA's Strategic Partners in the Ramp Services and Airside Safety area of interest. 

Join us

Through participation in the Task Forces there is the opportunity to influence the ground operations industry. In addition, the Task Forces and the joint meeting with AGE 2C, provide a unique opportunity for industry experts in their field to meet and network with their peers. To participate, contact


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