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Revenue Accounting Working Group (RAWG)

The objectives of the Revenue Accounting Working Group (RAWG) are to establish, maintain and enhance standard procedures for the interline billing and settlement of amounts becoming due pursuant to interline agreements. These procedures are published in the Revenue Accounting Manual (RAM)

The Revenue Accounting Working Group also provides a forum for the resolution of disputes arising from the interpretation and application of those procedures. In addition, the RAWG seeks to maintain awareness of action by other industry groups which have revenue accounting implications.

Every two years a Revenue Accounting Working Group (RAWG) is elected at the Revenue Accounting Meeting. The panel reports through its Chairman to each September Meeting of the Financial Committee.

If you would like further information on the RAWG, please access the following documents from the private Revenue Accounting Extranet site:

  • Membership and Modus Operandi of the Revenue Accounting Working Group (RAWG)
  • Terms of Reference of the Revenue Accounting Working Group (RAWG)
  • Objectives of the Revenue Accounting Working Group (RAWG)

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