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IATA Safety Group and Task Forces

Cabin Safety

The IATA Safety Group (SG) monitors aviation safety problems identified by airlines, and develops strategies to continuously improve safety, such as promotion of the use of digital flight data recorder analysis programs.

The IATA SG comprises airline safety managers and industry experts. The Safety Group meets twice annually.

Safety Task Forces

Accident Classification Task Force (ACTF)

Originally formed under the Accident Classification Work Group (ACWG) the ACTF identifies contributing factors in aviation accidents, using the established IATA classification system. The group is composed of aviation safety experts who meet annually to classify the events of the year.

The ACTF's goal is to make recommendations, based on analytical findings, and provide the industry a rational, coordinated and cost-effective manner to enhance safety. The findings of the ACTF are featured in the annual IATA Safety Report

Cabin Operations Safety Task Force (COSTF)

The COSTF contributes to the reduction of incidents/ accidents and costs to airlines associated with the operation of commercial passenger aircraft. It comprises cabin safety specialists from IATA member airlines who meet twice per year.

The COSTF develops and reviews all aspects relative to cabin operations to improve safety and operational efficiency. See the cabin safety guidelines.

Emergency Response Planning Task Force (ERPTF)

The ERPTF was created to assist in matters relating to the establishment of recommended practices for airline response to an aircraft accident. The task force is composed of experts in the field of Emergency Response Planning.

Hazard Identification Task Force (HITF)

The newly formed HITF to develop a process to collect, validate and prioritize hazards from IATA member airlines and industry. This task force is composed of airline safety managers who regularly participate in IATA's twice annual Incident Review Meeting (IRM).

Safety Performance Indicator Task Force (SPITF)

The SPITF has been created to develop industry SPIs for operational and organizational performance, including an on-going forum to validate and revise SPIs to ensure their ongoing relevance. This task force is comprised of airline safety managers representing IATA member airlines from around the globe.


  • Accident Classification Task Force (ACTF)
  • Cabin Operations Safety Task Force (COSTF)
  • Hazard Identification Task Force (HITF)
  • Safety Performance Indicator Task Force (SPITF)

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