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Schedules Information Standards Committee (SISC)

The Schedules Information Standards Committee (SISC)  is responsible for the development of standard schedules data procedures and formats for the exchange of schedules information, maintained within the Standards Schedules Information Manual (SSIM). SISC meets prior to the Slot Conference twice yearly. 

The SSIM is published twice a year in March and October.  The objective of the SSIM is to ensure that there is available an official set of Recommended Practices which to guide the industry along mutually compatible lines in the development of schedules data handling procedures. Full consideration is also given to the needs of those agencies which also require schedule or schedule related data, including government departments, airport and air traffic control authorities, timetable publishing agencies, fuel companies, etc. The manual aims to set common standards for external exchanges.

SISC established a SSIM Appendix A/D/F/I Task Force (ADFITF) to recommend amendments to aircraft type codes , airport passenger terminal codes, time zone information and region codes published in SSIM.
For more information, go to: SSIM or contact

To gain access to the ADFI Task Force (ADFITF) page and working documents, please click on "Request access to ADFITF page" located under Links on the SlotLink SISC site.

Membership and access to the private site

SISC attendance and access to the SISC private site is reserved for Member Airlines and Strategic Partnerships Members registered within the Passenger and Airport Services or Scheduling Standards areas. Companies and organisations interested in Schedules Information Standards are invited to join our IATA Strategic Partnerships.

Contact Details

  • For queries regarding the SISC private site, please contact the Administrator
  • For SISC and ADFITF, please contact


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