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IATA Industry Taxation Working Group

IATA taxation activities are prioritized in consultation with the IATA Industry Taxation Working Group (ITWG), a group of tax specialists from regionally diverse member airlines. The ITWG provides support, advice and guidance to IATA management related to the elimination or reduction of unfair or burdensome taxes on the aviation industry.

Main activities of the ITWG

  • Develop strategies and action plans in conjunction with IATA to protect the industry taxation interests of IATA Member airlines.
  • Identify and prioritize campaigns and issues to eliminate or reduce industry taxation costs in order to achieve agreed industry targets for cost reductions/avoidance.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the worldwide regime of reciprocal exemption as laid out in ICAO Policy Document 8632.
  • Provide an effective communication forum dealing with arising industry taxation issues.


India Taxation Task Force (ITTF)

Private website

A private website is available to IATA Member airlines and members of IATA's Partnership Program with an interest in taxation.

For more information regarding this site please contact IATA Taxation.


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