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ULD Panel (ULDP)

Develop standards concerning specifications, handling, restraint and maintenance of ULDs and to promote the worldwide recognition, adoption of and adherence to those standards.


The primary objectives of the ULDP include:

  • Development and maintenance of standards, recommended practices and guidelines concerning the:
    • Manufacture, certification, identification, control, handling and maintenance of Unit Load Devices (ULDs)
    • Interlining capability of ULDs
  • Maintaining the IATA ULD Regulations (ULDR) in an up-to-date state
  • Proactive input to, monitoring of and professional response to developments in:
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Aircraft containerization requirements
    • Industry advances in materials, designs and processes related to ULDs
    • Industry Safety and Operational parameters


The ULDP generally meets at least once per year in conjunction with SAE AGE 2/2A – usually the fall meeting.


The ULDP consists of up to 12 Members appointed by the Cargo Services Conference (CSC), each being an expert in the ULD Technical area.

The current ULDP Chairman is Mr. Urs Wiesendanger (Air Canada).

Industry Affiliations

The registered Suppliers that are members of the IATA Strategic Partnership Program also participate in the meetings, bringing valuable technical input.

The ULDP secretariat provides input and updates for various other IATA groups and publications such as ISAGO, AHM and TACT.


ULD Operations Advisory Group (ULDOAG)

In order to raise the awareness of ULDs in the supply chain and provide industry best practices on proper ULD loading and handling standards to achieve safe, secure, and efficient cargo and baggage transportation, the IATA ULD Panel (ULDP) established the ULD Operations Advisory Group (ULDOAG) consisting of ULD operational experts throughout the supply chain.


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