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BSP Data Interchange Specifications Group (BDISG)

​The BSP Data Interchange Specifications Group (BDISG) is established by the Passenger Services Conference (PSC) to develop and maintain technical solutions within the BSP Data Interchange Specifications Handbook (DISH) for the exchange of passenger ticketing and related data between travel agents and airlines for remittance and settlement purposes.

Areas of Activity

One of the main objectives of the BDISG is the minimization of local requirements, cost reduction, and decreasing inconsistencies. The BDISG has undertaken a major analysis study of the DISH standards and has developed numerous enhancements to warrant the adoption of DISH Revision 22.
This Revision represents one of the most important upgrades in recent years, and enables a lot of new reporting functions benefitting our Members as outlined below.
DISH Revision 22 was endorsed by the PSC with major amendments consisting of:
  • New data elements to support EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) requirements for airlines and credit card acquirers
  • The reporting of coupon-level taxes made possible for airlines
  • New data elements and records for the netting reporting of exchanges for airlines
  • Alignment procedures and formats to the PSC Resolutions
  • Elimination of obsolete data elements and references to all paper documents
  • Restructuring of Records for improved flexibility
  • New and revised DISH Appendices

DISH 22 has been implemented in 2015 by all BSPs and their business partners using Chapter 4 testing procedures.

The PSC has recently endorsed DISH Revision 22 Update Bulletin 2018/1 with enhancements relating to the reporting of Transparency in Payment requirements made effective 01 March 2018.

About DISH

DISH is the global data interchange standard implemented by all Billing Settlement Plans (BSPs), to ensure consistency and the exchange of the highest possible quality data between BSPs and GDSs, airlines and other business partners.
The DISH defines the reporting standards to enable GDSs (Global Distribution Systems) to report documents sales made by BSP travel agents to the IATA Data Processing Centers, to enable the Sales data to be provided to airlines and credit card acquirers, and aids Remittance and Settlement. Further information on DISH and file downloads of publications are accessible via the BSP DISH.
New business requirements and amendments to the DISH are to be submitted to the attention of the BDISG Secretariat (dish@iata.org) using the DISH Amendment Form (doc). Proposals will be submitted to the next meeting of the BDISG.
Proposed amendments to DISH discussed and agreed at BDISG are endorsed by the PSC for adoption as an IATA standard. Implementation plans are coordinated by IATA and are driven by the testing procedures and scenarios outlined in DISH section 4.3.5.

Composition and Meetings

Meetings of the BDISG are open to all IATA member airlines (particularly involved in revenue accounting) and to BSP partners within the IATA Strategic Partnership Programme providing RETs (agent reporting data) to BSPs.
BDISG participants have the opportunity to model the standards based on business requirements. The BDISG also liaises with other industry committees directed under the Passenger Services and Passenger Agency Conferences to progress DISH developments.
There is no restriction on the number of participants and they meet once a year.

Publication and Resources

Download BSP DISH

Private Site

The BDISG site (links below) is where BDISG meeting details and DISH related information is updated and made available.
The Private portion of the Web site is reserved for Member Airlines and qualified Strategic Partnership Members registered within the Passenger and Airport Services area and involved in IATA Passenger Settlement Systems in providing agent reporting data (RET) to a Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).  Companies and organisations interested in BSP Data Interchange Standards are invited to join our IATA Strategic Partnerships.

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