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Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards (PADIS) Board

The Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards (PADIS) Board develops and maintains Electronic Data Interchange and XML message standards for passenger travel and airport-related passenger service activities. PADIS message standards support the following application areas: 

  • Publication of schedules and slot management
  • Airline shopping
  • Reservations and electronic ticketing, including electronic miscellaneous documents 
  • Airport resource management and airport handling, including baggage handling 
  • Data exchange between airlines and governments concerning passenger data (PNRGOV)
  • Data exchange between airlines and airports for operational flight related data (AIDX)
  • XML schemas for exchange of data on the bar coded boarding pass (BCBP)


PADIS is governed by Passenger Services Conference Resolution 783.  The PADIS Board, consisting of up to 20 airlines, is supported by two committees (shown below) and a number of expert working groups.

  • Communications Standards Coordination Committee (CSCC) is tasked to promote and oversee interoperability on the level of communications protocols and general implementation of data exchanges and maintains IATA Systems Communications and Reference (SCR) volumes.
  • Data Dictionary and Schema Coordination Committee (DDSCC) is tasked to promote and oversee semantic interoperability across IATA standards and recently started building a common industry data model. For additional information, please visit the Airline Industry Data Model site.

Working Groups

  • PADIS EDIFACT Airports Working Group (APTS)
  • PADIS EDIFACT Reservations Working Group (RES)
  • PAXLST Working Group (PAXLSTWG)
  • PNRGOV Working Group (PNRGOVWG)
  • Technical Assessment Working Group (TAG)


PADIS groups meet on a regular basis and collaborate electronically via the PADIS Private site. All IATA and A4A Members, Strategic Partners and other stakeholders enrolled in standards setting activities in the passenger services area can request access using the registration link on this page. Face to face meetings are shown in the IATA Calendar


PADIS standards are released twice a year. The EDIFACT Message Standards Document and associated implementation guides are published in the IATA Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual (as of the 34th edition). All PADIS Standards including XML schemas, PADIS Code Set Directory for EDIFACT and XML, PNRGOV Implementation guide as well as IATA SCR Volumes are available for download from the PADIS Private site.

To find out how you can participate in PADIS and for more information, please contact PADIS Secretary.


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