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Joint Passenger Ticketing Committee (TKTcom)

The Ticketing Committee held jointly with the IATA (TKTcom) develops and maintains standards and procedures related to interline ticket forms. The Committee is responsible for the development of standards for manual and automated tickets and for publishing these standards as Resolutions and Recommended Practices. Airline membership consists of experts responsible for the development of ticket forms and ticketing procedures. Most of the Committee's activity now focuses on standards for 100 percent electronic ticketing and is developing new standards for Electronic Miscellaneous Documents. IATA Members and Strategic Partners are welcome to join.

E-ticketing Legal Notices

The liability of airlines towards passengers in cases of incidents and accidents are defined in the "Conditions of contract and other important information". This document details passenger rights with regard to death or bodily injury, loss of or damage to baggage, and for delay. It also defines passenger rights and obligations for denied boarding, check-in times, baggage and the transport of dangerous goods.

There may be some regional adaptation of the ticket notice. See:

100 Percent Electronic Ticketing since 1 June 2008

Effective 1 June 2008 only electronic tickets are issued in BSPs. Visit the Simplifying the Business pages for further information.

Interline Electronic Ticketing Table of Bilaterals

The Latest Interline Electronic Ticketing Table is published once monthly when new IET Bilaterals have been announced. New deployments should be advised to


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