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Economic report - Taxation

Impact assessments of proposed or implemented changes in taxation policy affecting the airline industry and its users.


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APD reduction - step in the right direction
Reducing APD burden is a step in the right direction but abolition is required to realize full potential of trade and investment benefits. Abolishing the tax could increase the size of the UK economy by £16 billion over the first three years followin.....
Mar 2014   
Air Travel Tax harms German economy
Air Travel Tax has adverse impacts in day-to-day functioning of the economy and will likely limit future business opportunities with emerging markets.
Mar 2014   
Excise and value added taxes on fuel threaten Philippine economy
Jet fuel taxes stand to bring about erosion of trade competitiveness, increase travel costs and weaker Philippine economy.
Aug 2013   
The economic benefits of reducing fuel taxes in Ecuador
Reduce international passenger and air freight operating costs, improving the competitiveness of Ecuadorian exports and incentivizing increased air travel. 
Jul 2013   
Impact of abolishing fuel taxes in Ethiopia
Assessment of economic benefits from abolishing the stabilization fund levy and excise tax on jet fuel.
Jul 2013   
Assessment of moving to market based pricing of jet fuel in Sri Lanka
Options and benefits of modernizing jet fuel pricing by moving closer to market based system in Sri Lanka.
Jul 2013   
Abolishing the Passenger Movement Charge in Australia
Abolition of the PMC would boost GDP by AUD 1.7 billion and support an additional 17,000 jobs. 
Jun 2013   
Impact of security, AIDS, solidarity and environment taxes on Chad
The rise in travel costs would limit connectivity and suppress economic opportunities.
Jun 2013   
Abolishing the Air Travel Tax in Ireland
Decreasing the cost of air travel will boost passenger traffic and increase the contribution to GDP and jobs.
Jun 2013   
Impact of international transfer passenger charge in Peru
Imposing a charge of USD 31 per international transfer passenger in Lima will increase round-trip cost resulting in a fall in the industry contribution to GDP, lost jobs and adverse impacts on public finances.
Mar 2013   
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