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65 out of 290 IATA members operate a business model that differs from Full Service Network. Member airlines pay only for what they need and benefit from a wide range of products and services that are free of charge or discounted up to 50%.

The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is a prerequisite to be an IATA member. The global accident rate was 1.08 per million sectors, compared to 0.50 for IATA members. The all-accident rate for airlines on the IOSA registry was nearly four times better than that of non-IOSA airlines (0.56 vs. 2.17). Apply for IOSA. 

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Over the past three decades, Low Cost Carriers have transformed the air travel market, disrupting the traditional world of the legacy flag-carriers, and creating a revolution in air travel service.

IATA has over 70 years of experience representing, leading and serving the airline industry.  Its programs on safety and security help to raise standards across the industry. IATA also provides training, and develops innovative products and services that benefit all airlines including LCCs.

Our teams save millions of dollars in taxes and charges for airlines every year. We advocate for smarter regulations and promote the value of aviation to governments. We work with the authorities to reverse or head-off decisions that make it harder for airlines to provide the connectivity the world needs.


“We are pleased to be an IATA member, as this global association leads innovation, safety and value creation in the airline industry, supporting the highest industry standards.” Carlos Muñoz, Founder and CEO, Volotea

“One of the benefits we enjoy from our membership, is our ability to influence IATA’s advocacy strategy. This in turn has enabled JetBlue to benefit from smarter and less onerous government regulations in the US and our other markets.” Robin Hayes, CEO, JetBlue


Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry

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