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Organizational Changes

On 25 January 2017 IATA announced that it is restructuring the operations of IATA’s Financial Settlement Systems in preparation for major product and service enhancements.

The progressive introduction of New Generation IATA Settlement Systems (NewGen ISS) will expand and improve the product offering associated with IATA’s Financial Settlement Systems. This development will necessitate more intense customer support than could be efficiently achieved within the current structure.

Creation of a Global Delivery Center for Settlement Systems

A Global Delivery Center is being created which will offer upgraded support to customers of all IATA Financial Settlement Systems. All functions supporting and delivering IATA Financial Settlement Systems will be concentrated in Beijing, Madrid, Montreal and Singapore. The new structure is expected to be fully functional within 2018. In the interim period, existing service levels will be maintained and progressively enhanced.

To achieve this new level of service, staff relocations will be necessary from Amman and Miami. Staff moves from Geneva are also being proposed to complete the transformation. The current global IATA staffing level is, however, expected to be maintained.
IATA is committed to supporting all staff members affected by this restructuring. The main objective is to retain expertise by facilitating the smooth and efficient relocations of staff. In cases where employees are not able to move, IATA is committed to a supportive and respectful transition process.

The basic architecture of IATA’s global presence remains unchanged. IATA will continue to operate with its headquarters in Montreal and executive offices in Geneva. IATA’s five regional offices (Africa and Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, North Asia, and The Americas) along with our field and area offices will continue to support our members, customers and stakeholders around the world across the breadth of IATA’s activities.

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