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This page features the calendar of the workgroup and committee meetings that are open to IATA Strategic Partners, depending on their areas of involvement.


October - 2017

Week of 23 Airline Distribution StandardsPassenger Services Conference (PSC)
Contact: H. Coles (fds_trans@iata.org)
Barcelona, Spain
24 - 27Airline Distribution StandardsWorld Passenger SymposiumBarcelona, Spain
24-26Cargo StandardsDangerous Goods Training Working Groups (DGTWG)IATA offices in Geneva
30 - 3Interline TariffsResolution Advisory Working Group (RADWG)
Contact: A. Sato (radwg@iata.org)
Geneva, Switzerland

November - 2017

7-8Airline Distribution StandardsPassenger Distribution Management Group Working Group (PDMG WG)
Contact: S. Harris Drake (pdmg_secretary@iata.org)
Geneva, Switzerland
7-10SafetyCABIN OPERATIONS SAFETY TASK FORCE (COSTF) – by invitation onlyMontreal, Canada
7-9One OrderPassenger Distribution Management Group (PDMG)Geneva, Switzerland
9 – 10Airline Distribution StandardsPDMG WG Change Management Group
Contact: S. Harris Drake (pdmg_secretary@iata.org)
Geneva, Switzerland
13-17Airline Distribution StandardsTKTWG/Interline EMD Baggage Working Group
Contact: H. Coles (fds_trans@iata.org)
Chicago, USA
13 - 17Airline Distribution StandardsRES XML/Reservations Working Group 29 (RESWG/29)
Contact: A. Sato (fds_trans@iata.org)
Chicago, USA
14-16Fuel ServicesAviation Fuel ForumVancouver, Canada
14-16Baggage ServicesBaggage Working Group (BWG)Johannesburg, South Africa
15-16Airline Industry Economics3rd Airline Industry Economics Advisory WorkshopGeneva, Switzerland
16-17Financial ServicesIndustry Accounting Working GroupMadrid, Spain
-Airline Distribution StandardsPassenger Distribution Integration Group (PDIG)
Contact: A. Blake (fds_trans@iata.org)
Chicago, USA
21-23Industry Payment Fraud PreventionIATA Global Fraud PreventionLisbon, Portugal
27Industry Payment Fraud PreventionBriefing DayGeneva, Switzerland
29-30Airline Distribution StandardsMinimum Connect Time Working GroupIATA Offices Miami, US

December - 2017

01Airline Distribution StandardsMinimum Connect Time Working GroupIATA Offices Miami, US
6-7Fast TravelFast Travel Work GroupTBA

June - 2018

16-17 Airline Distribution StandardsSchedules Information Standards Committee (SISC)Vancouver, Canada
For more information, please contact partnership@iata.org

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