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Work Groups Calendar

This page features the calendar of the workgroup and committee meetings that are open to IATA Strategic Partners, depending on their areas of involvement.


April - 2019

29-30Shop OrderOffer SubGroupsGeneva, Switzerland
29-30Plan StandardsPlan Standards BoardMontreal, Canada

May - 2019

1-2Plan StandardsIndustry Coding GroupMontreal, Canada
6-9Passenger ExperiencePassenger Experience Management Group (PEMG)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
6-9Baggage ServicesBaggage Working Group (BWG)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
13-14EnvironmentGlobal Sustainable Aviation SummitMontreal, Canada
15-16Risk Management & InsuranceRisk & Insurance Management (RIM) ForumTBC
20Architecture & TechnologyChange Management And AIDM Integration Group (CMIG 02)Montreal, Canada
21-23Fuel ServicesIATA Aviation Fuel ForumAthens, Greece
21Shop OrderOffer GroupGeneva, Switzerland
21Architecture & TechnologyMethodology Group (MG 02)Montreal, Canada
22-24Shop OrderOffer SubGroupsMontreal, Canada
22-24Shop OrderOrder SubGroupsMontreal, Canada
22Architecture & TechnologyTechnology and Architecture Group (TAG 02)Montreal, Canada
23Architecture & TechnologyOpen Air Group (OAG 05)Montreal, Canada
26-28Baggage ServicesBaggage XML sub-group meeting Frankfurt, Germany

June - 2019

3-4Shop OrderInterline EMD Baggage Working GroupGeneva, Switzerland
5Shop OrderTicketing GroupGeneva, Switzerland
6Shop OrderA4A IATA Reservation GroupGeneva, Switzerland
7Shop OrderRESXML GroupGeneva, Switzerland
9-10Cabin and Inflight OperationsCabin Operations Safety Technical Group (by invitation only)Istanbul, Turkey
10-12SafetyAccident Classification Technical Group (by invitation only)Istanbul, Turkey
14-15Plan StandardsMinimum Connecting Times GroupCape Town, South Africa
16-17Plan StandardsSchedules Publication GroupCape Town, South Africa
17Plan StandardsSlots Messaging GroupCape Town, South Africa
17Shop OrderShop Order Advisory ForumGeneva, Switzerland
17Plan StandardsMCT ClinicCape Town, South Africa
18Shop OrderShop Order Standards BoardGeneva, Switzerland
18-20Plan StandardsIATA Slot ConferenceCape Town, South Africa
19-21SecurityAir Transport Security- 2040 and BeyondBrussels, Belgium
25-27Industry Payment Fraud PreventionFFP Fraud Prevention Event Buenos Aires, Argentina

July - 2019

9-10Cargo Operations & TechnologyCargo Messaging Working Group (CMWG)Montreal, Canada

August - 2019

5-8Shop OrderOffer SubGroupsSingapore, Singapore
5-8Shop OrderOrder SubGroupsSingapore, Singapore

September - 2019

3Shop OrderShop Order Standards Advisory ForumMontreal, Canada
4Shop OrderShop Order Standards Board Montreal, Canada
9-13Shop OrderOffer SubGroupsMadrid, Spain
9-13Shop OrderOrder SubGroupsMadrid, Spain
9Plan StandardsPlan Standards Board Madrid, Spain
10Plan StandardsPlan Standards Advisory Forum Madrid, Spain
11-12Plan StandardsMinimum Connecting Times GroupMadrid, Spain
17-19Common UseCommon Use Working Group (CUWG)Montreal, Canada
23-24Industry Payment Fraud PreventionGlobal Fraud EventMiami, USA
23-24Industry TaxationIATA Annual Industry Taxation MeetingMiami, USA
26-27ONE RecordONE Record Task ForceGeneva, Switzerland

October - 2019

1-3Shop OrderOffer SubGroupsGeneva, Switzerland
1-2Shop OrderIntermodal GroupGeneva, Switzerland
3-4Shop OrderIntegration GroupGeneva, Switzerland
7-8Passenger ExperiencePNRGOV WGGeneva, Switzerland
9-10Passenger ExperiencePAXLST WGGeneva, Switzerland
15-17Pay AccountBDISG Singapore, Singapore
14-Passenger Service Conference
Global Airport & Passenger Symposium
Warsaw, Poland

November - 2019

11Pay AccountPay Account Advisory ForumParis, France
12-14Fuel ServicesIATA Aviation Fuel ForumNew Orleans, USA
12Shop OrderOffer GroupMontreal, QC, Canada
12Shop OrderOrder GroupMontreal, QC, Canada
12Architecture & TechnologyChange Management And AIDM Integration Group (CMIG 03)Geneva, Switzerland
13-15Shop OrderOffer SubGroupsMontreal, QC, Canada
13-15Shop OrderOrder SubGroupsMontreal, QC, Canada
13-14ONE RecordONE Record Task ForceGeneva, Switzerland
13Architecture & TechnologyMethodology Group (MG 03)Geneva, Switzerland
14Architecture & TechnologyTechnology and Architecture Group (TAG 03)Geneva, Switzerland
15Architecture & TechnologyOpen Air Group (OAG 06)Geneva, Switzerland
18-19Plan StandardsMinimum Connecting Times GroupMontreal, Canada
28Industry Payment Fraud PreventionIATA Fraud Prevention Strategic BriefingGeneva, Switzerland

December - 2019

3-5Common UseCommon Use Working Group (CUWG)TBC

February - 2020

5Shop OrderShop Order Standards Advisory ForumSingapore, Singapore
6Shop OrderShop Order Standards BoardSingapore, Singapore
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