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Aircraft Recovery

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partners in the area of Aircraft Recovery collect, distribute and share information related to the recovery of damaged and disabled aircraft, and promote and develop awareness about programs, procedures and practices concerning efficient and effective aircraft recovery.

Other activities

  • Collect and dissemination of information related to recovery of damaged and disabled aircraft
  • Promote and share efficient and effective aircraft recovery programmes, procedures and practices
  • Develop awareness of the economic and operational impact, to airlines and airports, of a disabled aircraft in the airport environment through regular meetings
  • Promote strategic co-operations between all parties involved in aircraft recovery
  • Develop industry position of the concept of preparedness for aircraft recovery
  • Examine and propose procedural changes and design provisions to aircraft manufacturers
  • Define the themes, topics and speaker programmes for IATA Aircraft Recovery Conference

Detailed summary - Aircraft Recovery (pdf)

Work groups and task forces


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