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Interline Tariffs

Strategic Partnerships

In this area, strategic partners will be involved with global interline passenger fares, the development of international tariff standards, baggage, mileage and fare construction rules, currency codes, IATA rates of exchange, distribution of fares through GDS systems, the Internet and other intermediaries, pricing, revenue management services, Fares and Ticketing training and Ticket Tax Box Service (TTBS) matters.

Other activities

  • Support and administration of the global multilateral interline system
  • Development of international tariff standards used in airline pricing, revenue management and revenue accounting
  • Pricing, revenue management, tariff and ticketing consulting and training

Designed for

  • Global Distribution Systems
  • Pricing and Revenue Management Solution Providers
  • Airline Consultancies
  • Internet Travel Websites
  • Revenue Accounting Companies

Detailed summary - Interline Tariffs (pdf)

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