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AME Industry Gazette Summer 2016

Aeropolitical News

There were a couple on notable achievements on the aeropolitical front. First, IATA and The African Union Commission signed a MoU in July 2016 to expand strategic cooperation for the safe, efficient and sustainable air transport in Africa. Second, The IATA/AACO Aeropolical Forum took place on the 13th of Apr 2016 in Cairo, kindly hosted by Egyptair. Third, The ICAO Assembly requested to finalize the work on the possible options for a global MBM at the 39th Session of the Assembly in 2016. Lastly, MP14 has been successfully ratified in both Bahrain and Jordan.

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IATA Customer E-Statement (ICE)

IATA has introduced a brand new service called IATA Customer E-Statement (ICE) on the Customer Portal for cargo and passenger agents which will allow them to view their recent balances. For the first time ever CASS/BSP agents will be able to see their payment status directly on the IATA Customer Portal and will no longer have to call IATA for this information. Another feature of ICE is an advanced payment notification service making it easier for agents to plan upcoming financial transactions.

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Safety in the Region

IATA took part in a series of key events intended to boost the safety in the Africa region and coordinated an Inter-Regional Meeting to enhance the traffic flows between Europe and the Middle East.

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Live from the Gulf Area 

IATA is pleased to announce multiple achievements taking place in the Gulf Area: Emirates implements NDC Schema, Qatar Airways awarded Fast Travel Platinum, MP14 Ratification in Bahrain & e-AWB SOP for Dubai

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e-freight progress in Africa

IATA worked on several engagement programs for the implementation of the e-freight initiative. Focus for our stakeholders should be on IT readiness and establishment of the regulatory framework.


Aviation Security in MENA 

With Aviation Security more frequently making the news headlines, more governments are requesting airlines to transmit the Passenger Name Records (PNRs) and/or check-in information (API) for security purposes.

Regional Economic State

The year began on a positive note for the air transport. However, at the regional level, Middle East carriers are expected to generate moderate returns in 2016 and African airlines are expecting losses.

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