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RAMPVR - Upgrade your operational training with cutting-edge technology

To tackle the current limitations of operational training, IATA has developed a virtual reality (VR) solution which complements theoretical training. 

  • Complies with Airport Handling Manual (AHM) and IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM)
  • Choose from multiple aircraft categories
  • Features aircraft turnaround inspections and marshalling modules with more to come
  • Is accessible anytime and easy to use.

Remove the complexities of conventional on-the-ground training:

  • No need for security passes or clearance (background checks etc.)
  • Safe and immersive environment for practical training
  • Replicate incidents and issues seen in live operations
  • Access aircraft and apron anytime, anywhere
  • Expose trainees to different lighting and weather conditions.

RAMPVRTM the latest “plug-and-play” virtual reality training solution for ground operations.

RAMPVR combines high-spec virtual reality hardware and software with IATA training for ground operations professionals. Complement theoretical knowledge with effective practical training in a very realistic environment, without disrupting active operations on the ramp.

RAMPVR complies fully with the standards of the Airport Handling Manual and the IATA GroundOperations Manual.

learn more or Contact us: rampvr@iata.org

I-ASC: IATA Aviation Safety Culture Survey

Developed by IATA, the I-ASC Survey is a solution aimed at addressing the industry’s need to measure and continuously improve safety culture, using a standardized methodology and key performance indicators.

With I-ASC, airlines can also benchmark their safety culture against their peers across the industry using comparable KPIs.

I-ASC will enable you to:

  • Support your compliance with SMS and audit requirements
  • Improve employee safety awareness
  • Increase employee engagement and adherence to safety procedures
  • Perform analysis and measure your safety culture using comparable KPIs
  • Identify safety culture gaps and address them proactively
  • Benchmark against your past performance to demonstrate safety culture improvement
  • Determine whether your safety culture issues are shared by the industry on multiple levels: country, region, alliance and world-wide

If you are already performing your own internal safety culture survey, I-ASC will not only help you save time and resources - you will also access expert analysis of results that you can benchmark to the industry. IATA can facilitate further in-depth analysis, including the identification of behavioral factors, and help with defining an action plan to address any gaps identified by the survey. 


Icelandair CEO on IATA Aviation Safety Culture Survey (I-ASC)

IATA and Harvard Business Publishing offer a virtual program for new managers

The IATA Aviation Leadership Development Program is offered in collaboration with Harvard Business School. Publishing is based on Harvard Business Publishing's Leadership Direct framework and is a real-time, cohort-based virtual learning workshop.

The program encourages peer interaction and critical thinking through a blended curriculum that mixes content, live and virtual events, and collaboration on real-world business issues.

This course will enable you to:

  • Be equipped with the tools, techniques and the right mind-set to lead others.
  • Develop effective management and leadership behaviors.

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