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​Air Cote d'Ivoire Receives IOSA Certificate 

The reception of the IOSA certificate by Air Côte d’Ivoire in August 2017 demonstrated the industry’s strong commitment to use aviation as the driving force of the West African country’s economy. Côte d’Ivoire’s economy has long relied on cocoa bean production; being the world’s top producer and is also home to such international institutions as the African Development Bank (AfDB). Air Côte d’Ivoire was founded in 2012 and now has a fleet of 11 aircrafts which includes Airbus A320 neos, the airline has put IATA standards as top on their list of priorities.

The airline was honored to receive its IOSA Certificate from the hands of IATA’s Regional Vice President, Africa & Middle East Mr. Muhammad Ali Albakri in the presence of IATA’s VP for Africa Mr. Raphael KUUCHI, Head of Regional Vice President’s Office Mr. Alexandru STANCU and Area Manager for Central West Africa Mr. Fabrice SAHIRI. The official ceremony took place on 4th August 2017 at the airline’s headquarters in Abidjan and brought together major industry stakeholders.

Prior to the national carrier’s IOSA Certification, the Abidjan International Airport (ABJ) also celebrated its ICAO certification on July 11th, 2017. A major milestone for ABJ airport which is currently in an expansion process with the development of a large airport city as /in its master plan.

In this atmosphere of virtuous circle where each organization aims for the best, NAS Ivoire, the Group Handling Company has not been left behind. Having been privatized in 2015 with NAS (National Aviation Services) as the main shareholder, NAS Ivoire went through a profound restructuring process which led to its ISAGO certification early this year.

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