This page features the calendar of meetings open to IATA Strategic Partners, depending on their areas of involvement.

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19 Workgroup Meetings Scheduled

Date Area Meeting Location
28 - 29 March Shop Order Shop Order Standards Board Meetings Online
30 March Ground Operations Engagement call with ISAGO Airline members Online
17 - 20 April Baggage Services Baggage Working Group Montreal, Canada
18 - 20 April Special Cargo & Pharmaceuticals Live Animals and Perishables Board Online
19 April Customer Experience & Facilitation PAXLST Working Group Madrid, Spain
20 April Customer Experience & Facilitation PNRGOV Working Group Madrid, Spain
23 April Air Mail Board Air Mail Board Istanbul, Turkey
25 April - 27 February All Cargo World Cargo Symposium Istanbul, Turkey
27 - 29 April All Cargo Dangerous Goods Board Istanbul, Turkey
15 - 17 May Customer Experience & Facilitation Common Use Working Group Montreal, Canada
16 - 18 May All Cargo Dangerous Goods Training Working Group Geneva, Switzerland
16 - 18 May Ground Operations IATA Ground Handling Conference Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
16 - 18 May Fuel Services IATA Aviation Energy Forum (AEF) Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Seattle, USA
17 May Ground Operations ISAGO Workshop for GHSPs Abu Dhabi, IGHC
23 - 25 May Unit Load Devices The 67th of IATA ULD Board meeting (ULDB/67) IATA Montreal Head Office
24 - 26 May Risk Management & Insurance (RMI) IATA Risk and Insurance Management Forum London, England
4 - 6 June Annual General Meeting and WATS Annual General Meeting & World Air Transport Summit 2023 Istanbul, Turkey
23 - 25 June Digital Cargo Hackathon Frankfurt, Germany
5 - 6 July Cyber Security 3CTX Open Forum Montreal, Canada