Ground Handling Logistic - Safewrap

Region Middle East
Description Ground Handling Logistic – Safewrap has been a pioneer for baggage/luggage wrapping services for more than a decade and it is catering various airports in the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It establishes a service that is unique and the first of its own in the kingdom. The name has positioned itself as a leader in baggage protection service and has created a distinctive part in the heart of its customers. After revitalizing its operation for several years, our services increases as the demand grows with our two main services using sealing and wrapping machines designed to serve each individual needs for baggage packing and wrapping services. Ground Handling Logistic - Safewrap is now operating in a substantial degree of operation and it has dramatically increased number of employees in different levels and positions. We are committed to fully satisfy customers’ needs, to respect community in which we operates and to involve all employees in continuous improvement goals creating value and excellence for airport services to passengers.
Areas of Involvement Ground Operations

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