Airways New Zealand on 27 May announced their decision to reduce charges by 4.7%, a decision applauded by IATA for demonstrating an understanding of the importance that aviation plays in supporting economic growth.

Conrad Clifford, Regional Vice President, IATA Asia Pacific commented:

“We welcome the announcement by Airways New Zealand to reduce charges by 4.7% for the 2016 to 2019 pricing period following consultations with the industry. This is a major improvement from the initial proposal in January of an overall 3.6% increase over the same period. In particular, the 9.8% decrease in 2016/2017 will go a long way to offset the increases in the subsequent two years."
"Airways’ efforts to engage the industry in effective consultations is commendable. The reduction shows that they have listened to and accepted the feedback from airlines during the consultation process. We recognize that over the last three years, Airways has done a lot to manage its costs, while maintaining a robust ATC system and at the same time planning ahead to prepare for future growth.
The reductions by Airways also demonstrate an understanding of the importance that aviation plays in the supporting economic growth and jobs in New Zealand, which is expected to increase by 50% by 2035.
Airways has set a high benchmark for the airline-ANSP relationship. We urge other ANSPs in the region to take a similar approach in their relationship with their airline customers.”