IATA has made a submission to the Philippine authorities on “Immediate and long-term priorities for Manila Airports”. The IATA submission focuses on 3 key priorities for Manila Airports:

  • Immediate safety and operational concerns at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA): IATA and its member airlines have grave concerns about the safety of ground movement operations and management of the airside infrastructure NAIA
  • Infrastructure Capacity to serve the needs of the Metro Manila region: Currently the market is served by 2 airports (NAIA and Clark International Airport) but there is a need to formulate and implement a long term strategy to meet the growing needs of the region
  • Ownership and Control options from which commercial considerations arising: The issue of private equity participation in airport infrastructure has been the focus of much debate. Of particular relevance are some of the proposals related to restrictions on ownership by airline entities or airline shareholders

IATA's position

IATA’s view is that NAIA needs to take immediate action to resolve some of the safety and efficiency issues. In this regard, IATA issued an Operational Notice (pdf) to its members on 26 May 2015 to alert them to this matter. Action are also needed to optimize the capacity and throughput at NAIA. Concurrently the authorities also need to focus on a long term plan to address the aviation needs of the Manila region.

There has been some focus on Clark but given the distance from central Manila, it is IATA’s view that a more comprehensive approach is needed for a hub that serves Manila while determining the short and long term role of Clark. IATA will work with airlines and other key stakeholders on these priorities and is ready to assist the Philippine government in all possible ways.

View the full IATA submission (pdf).