Addressing Carbon Emissions at the 2016 ICAO Assembly
IATA is encouraging states in the Asia Pacific region to adopt a single global carbon offset mechanism to address carbon emissions from international aviation, when they gather in Montreal for the 39th ICAO Assembly in September. Read More
IATA Releases Value of Aviation Study for Asia Pacific Region
The Asia Pacific region is expected to achieve unprecedented long term growth in aviation. However, there is concern that the aviation infrastructure here is not keeping pace with such growth.The Value of Aviation Study underlines the need for Asia Pacific to get its infrastructure development and aviation policies right. Read More
IATA's Response to India's National Civil Aviation Plan
IATA has expressed concerns regarding changes made to the finalized National Civil Aviation Policy released by the Indian government, particularly with the policy on hybrid till. Read More
IATA Welcome Reduction in New Zealand's Air Traffic Management Prices>
Airways New Zealand on 27 May announced their decision to reduce charges by 4.7%, a decision applauded by IATA for demonstrating an understanding of the importance that aviation plays in supporting economic growth.> Read More