​A recent report from IATA Economics indicated that there were an estimated 3.8 billion air passenger departures globally in 2016. This is a strong increase over the 3.5 billion departures in 2015. The report, which uses information from IATA’s Pax-IS database, also showed that of the 10 largest markets by passenger departures in 2016, three (Japan, India and Indonesia) were from the Asia-Pacific region.

Though the US and China consistently remain the top two markets, the big movers on this year’s rankings are the key emerging markets of India and Indonesia. India jumped up two places to rank 4th with 131 million departures in 2016 and, with stellar growth of 20.0% year on year, continues to close in fast on Japan (ranked 3rd). Indonesia also moved up two positions this year to rank 6th, with 116 million passenger departures and a double-digit annual growth rate of 12.9%.

Watch to find out the complete global ranking of air passenger markets of 2016: